3Z Electronics Co.,Ltd.

3Z Electronics Co., Ltd. is a newly established company focusing on passive electronic components, the operational team has over 15 years’ international trading and commercial experience in several different domains through which a good reputation is established. In June 2019, 3Z electronics Co., Ltd. has become a strategic partner of CECTN (China Electronics Corporation Technology)and now it is the official general oversea agent of CECTN’s products, to help the latter one developing its international market. It enables 3Z Electronics to have an incomparable advantage on product’s quality control, technology support and lead time management. 


We are now looking for international partners and country/area agents and distributors.







Shenzhen CECTN Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-power aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights. It produces high-power, large ripple and long-life aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which are widely used in industrial automation, power supply, new energy, transportation, consumer electronics and other fields at home and abroad. To 2018, CECTN’s produces 20 million capacitors annually and its screw terminal aluminum capacitors’ shipment counts as the third largest on Chinese market.

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